This blog we have to see how to t-con ic and dc to dc ic communicate each other

  1. We have discuses here ic cm501 communicate with t-con  (timing control) .
  2. First check 12v supply because cm501 is operate in 12v supply voltage .
  3. If cm501 . supply 12v is ok then first out 3.3v to t-con ic and panel flash pin 8.
  4. Then using 3.3v is going to 1.1v regulator ic .
  5. This 1.1v is again going to t-con ic. this supply is use to data line.
  6. Then after t-con ic send power enable to dc to dc ic that is cm501 pin 9
  7. After this dc to dc start boosting secondary voltage .like vgh ,vgl, avdd, hvdd etc.

How to check dc to dc ic is ok or not

  1. First check 12v input supply to dc to dc ic that is cm501
  2. Then check enable pin 3.3v pin no 9 if it present then check all secondary voltage
  3. If voltage is not get then check sorting on source pcb if sorting is there removing sorting component problem is solve
  4. If sorting is not there then replace dc to dc ic problem is solve
  5. If 3.3v is not present on pin no 9 then apply 3.3v on enable pin if voltage is get or not gate fallow above process