dead Panasonic 22 inch led tv repairing step by step process

fallow fallowing step

  1. In my set no stand by led is glow
  2. I first check 12v supply which is come or not then i see 12v is ok. Because in this motherboard 12v use for generating  5v ,3.3v ,1.2v and 1.8v
  3. Then my next step to check 5v. After check i see 5v is not ok
  4. IN this motherboard 6 lag ic and one inductor coil use for generating 5v supply
  5. Then i remove six lag ic and check coil resistance with gnd. It show very less resistance
  6. Then i check 1.2v ic. It is 5 lag IC and one coil is use for generating 1.2v supply
  7. Then remove 1.2v generating 5 leg IC .Then i check 5v coil resistance it show proper
  8. Then we have place new 5 leg ic and use 5v buck converter module
  9. Then after plug in we seen stand by led is on
  10. Then i on stand by with the help of remote my set working fine

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